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Taman Hotel
The best of nature close to the sea
Visão Vila do Lago, Taman Hotel, em Búzios

Taman is a contemporary hotel that aligns the style of each guest with its connectivity with nature.

Located in the heart of Búzios, the hotel is between the famous Rua das Pedras and the beautiful Ferradura Beach. Comprised of 30 accommodations designed in different styles, the lifestyle philosophy is taken seriously at Taman. Guests can find the accommodation that best suits their expectations and their way of seeing and facing the universe.

Surrounded by a 3000 m² green area, the hotel combines the best of two worlds: the joviality and relaxation that the coast offers, together with the charm, peace, and freshness of exuberant nature.

Staying in this little piece of paradise is a guarantee of moments of peace, romance, and unforgettable experiences aligned with the proximity and all the excitement of the glamorous Orla Bardot.

This is a hotel for those seeking sunny days surrounded by tranquility, without giving up comfort and connection with the outside world.

Visão do Jardim, Taman Hotel, em Búzios
Take a photo tour
through our garden

In the morning...
When the star rises behind the Lake Village in Taman and the rays of light invade the garden, the pool, and breakfast at the unique restaurant, your day begins full of energy.

Jardim à tarde 1, Taman Hotel, em Búzios
Jardim pela manhã 2, Taman Hotel, em Búzios
Jardim pela manhã 3, Taman Hotel, em Búzios
Jardim à tarde1, Taman Hotel, em Búzios
Jardim à tarde 2, Taman Hotel, em Búzios
Jardim à tarde 3, Taman Hotel, em Búzios

In the afternoon...
The mood in Taman remains pleasant and relaxing moments slip into the lazy, care-filled hours. In a constant union, the sun's rays embrace the trees and perfect photos just happen.

At night...
Búzios moonlight is different at Taman. With the lighting of the garden and the lake, the moon and the stars begin to compose the scenery to make your night the most pleasant possible. A walk around the hotel at night is a guarantee of a unique experience, which combines good taste with the exceptional nature of the place.

Jardim à noite 1, Taman Hotel, em Búzios
Jardim à noite 2, Taman Hotel, em Búzios
Jardim à noite 3, Taman Hotel, em Búzios

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