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Pet Friendly

Taman knows that those who have a dog at home need to think about them a lot before scheduling a trip. Therefore, here is a pet friendly hotel so that your best friend can also travel with the family. For encouraging tourism with pets, Taman participates in the program to encourage animal representation of the Rio de Janeiro State Department, and received the PET Friendly/Friend PET seal.

The hotel's facilities are designed to make pet guests as comfortable as possible.


The staff and facilities are prepared to receive and care for small pets. The rooms are equipped to ensure maximum comfort for everyone. The hotel reserves exclusive places for guardians to enjoy their free time with their pets and items for their hygiene, such as bags and garbage cans. Be sure to check the accommodation rules available at the reception.

Que tal seu pet estar com a gente?

Essas fofuras abaixo foram nossos hóspedes e encheram o Taman de alegria.

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